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Low-destruction and precise testing in our materials testing laboratory

The focus is on the indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864 for the low-destructive determination of the tensile strength Rm and the Rp0.2 proof strength as comparative characteristic values ​​for the tensile test. A measuring point already provides the characteristic values. The innovative process is suitable for many metallic materials and offers new possibilities in material testing.

Different load ranges for testing in the micro or macro range

Through different load ranges, components and samples of different sizes can be examined. With low load levels (less than 100 N) it is possible to test thin parts, weld seams and strength gradients of components. In particular, costly micro tensile tests can be dispensed with.

Macro impression

Even on a much smaller scale, we perform instrumented intrusion attempts. We can test your thin components or metallic coatings.

Micro impressions

Instrumented penetration test Testing miniaturized components at the micro level.

Exemplary test with the impression method

This example illustrates the local and non-destructive testing by the indentation method. Rp0.2 proof strength, tensile strength Rm and hardening behaviour are determined locally by testing on a measuring grid. Detailed and realistic FEM simulations can then be used to perform component and quality optimization.

Flow curves impression method

Festigkeitsprüfung mit dem Eindruckverfahren

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