Weld seam testing
Local determination of strength

Examinations at SLV Halle

  • Precise characterization of the heat affected zones
  • Determination of the tensile strength Rm
  • Determination of the yield stress Rp0,2
„The Imprintec indentation method has led us to the desired solution. Previously, the weld spots were characterized with the hardness and hardly any statements could be made about the Rp0.2 yield strength. It was not possible to produce tensile specimens as an alternative to investigate the strength curve due to the small sample volume. The indentation method combines the local investigation possibility of the hardness test with the informative value of the tensile test for tensile strength and yield point.“ (2019)

Weld seam testing - determination of local strengths

Investigation of the local strength values in a resistance spot weld joint

The indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864 was successfully applied in the context of research work on the topic of “resistance spot welding”. In the classical way, the hardness was determined beforehand by means of hardness testing and conclusions were drawn about the strength. However, the limits of the meaningfulness of the hardness value were quickly reached. It was hardly possible to make reliable statements about the yield point or the hardening behaviour. Even the conversion of hardness into tensile strength was, for example, only possible with a high fault tolerance in the case of austenitic materials or aluminium alloys.

The indentation method provides the desired properties for the strength (yield strength Rp0.2 and tensile strength Rm) of the welded joint.

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