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Determination of mechanical properties.


  • High-precision optical 3D measurement of surfaces.
  • Standardised hardness test (Brinell, Vickers and Knoop).
  • Determination of flow curves and mechanical properties from hardness indentations using an indentation method.

Determine mechanical parameters and flow curves.

Our compact device for the determination of yield curves, tensile strength, yield strength and ductility according to DIN SPEC 4864.


Hardness test according to standard
(Brinell, Vickers, Knopp).


Simple usability
through optimised UX.


3D measurements for highest


Fully automated in 30-90

Determination of the following data within seconds:

  • Fließkurve
  • Yield strength RIp0,2
  • Tensile strength RIm
  • Ductility (for selected materials)
  • Anisotropy (qualitative)
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Prüfmaschine i3D WLI
Prüfmaschine i3D WLI

The i3D testing software.

Full control and easy measuring points operation can be set individually or by grid*. The test sequence is fully automatic with continuous progress display.

The archiving of the results and creation of  test reports are generated automatically. In addition, the flow curves can be exported with the respective location coordinates. Furthermore, the anisotropy of the material can be visualised in addition to the output of the mechanical parameters hardness, tensile strength and yield strength.

Prüfmaschine i3D WLI

Fast and precise measurement.

The indentation method uses modern algorithms and FEM simulations to determine the local material properties. To determine the properties, a test indentation is generated in a force-controlled manner. An electronic force control is used for this. This is then measured with the aid of a white light interferometer. An efficient mechanism ensures a quick measurement process.

Rapid optimisation and control of mechanical properties.
Inspection and quality assurance of components.
Extension / supplementation as well as partial replacement of the tensile test.
Fast quality control in production, incoming goods, final inspection and after heat treatment


Testing of

Expansion of the
tensile test.


Prüfmaschine i3D mBV

i3D WLI.

Automated, low-destructive and cost-efficient.

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