next generation
material testing

Compact device for mechanical quality assurance of components and samples according to DIN SPEC 4864

With the testing machine i3D WLI you get within a few seconds:

  • Flow curve
  • Yield strength RIp0.2
  • Tensile strength RIm
  • Hardness value (also for uneven surfaces)
  • Anisotropy (qualitative)

Fast and precise measurement

Without moving the sample, the test indentation generated is optically measured directly afterwards. A white light interferometer is used here.
The mechanism achieves a high testing speed. Furthermore, a direct force measurement behind the test probe ensures the highest possible accuracy of the indentation method according to DIN SPEC 4864.


The test software i3D

Full control and easy operation
Measurement points can be set individually or by grid*. The test sequence is fully automatic with continuous progress display. The archiving of results and the creation of test reports is automatic. Additionally, the flow curves can be exported with the respective location coordinates. In addition to the output of the mechanical parameters hardness, tensile strength, yield point, the anisotropy of the material can be visualized. .

*These functions can be used with camera and cross table

Technical data

  • Controlled force application
  • Test time approx. 10 to 60 seconds per measuring point
  • Motorized positioning of the test head
  • Integrated PC workstation
  • Integrated optical interferometer
  • Optional with motorized cross table and overview camera
  • Standard test chamber height 200 mm (can be extended individually)
  • Outreach approx. 120 mm
  • Standard dimensions are 555 x 381 x 531 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight approx. 60 kg

Can be automated


Test duration 10 to 60s


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