i3D testing software

Full control and easy operation

Automated test sequence in 4 steps

1. selection of the measuring points

Specify measuring points or defined measuring grids on specimens or components*. The zoom of the overview camera allows convenient measuring point selection. You inspect with low destruction, as an impression is between 5 μm and 200 μm deep.

*These functions can be used with camera and cross table

Second test

After the start, the test runs fully automatically. Analogous to the hardness test, a test indentation is set by a special indenter. The indentation and the surrounding impact are optically measured in three dimensions.

3. calculation

Based on the design, the mechanical material properties are determined with the help of FEM simulation results.

4. presentation of results

The user interface displays all relevant results at a glance. The archiving of the measurement results is automated and traceable. The subsequent viewing of results and the continuation of measurement series is possible at any time. The output of measurement reports, tables and diagrams is also automated at the "push of a button".

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