About us

The company Imprintec – Material Testing Solutions has been active in the field of mechanical materials testing since 2013 and offers innovative strength and hardness testing equipment for quality assurance and optimization. At the center of material testing at Imprintec is the indentation process according to DIN SPEC 4864, which is a combination of mechanical and optical testing. Other hardness testing methods complete the offer in terms of the precise testing of samples and components. Furthermore, Imprintec sees itself as a service provider for tests according to the impression process and standard-compliant hardness tests. With the help of the exams we lead u.a. Failure analysis, component testing and evaluation and weld seam inspection on large and small components to layers through.

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Pioneering events in the history of Imprintec.

Product launch i3D R / BVR

05 - 2019

DIN SPEC 4864 was approved

03 - 2019

First testing machines are in use at the customer

Customers increasingly rely on innovative testing technology instead of conventional testing technology.

06 - 2018

Completion i3D test

Completion of the testing machine i3DTest to carry out the impression process and other conventional hardness test methods.



A conception of a testing machine was started. Furthermore, the accuracies of the materials testing methodology for all the materials under consideration are steadily increasing, as the corresponding simulation principles and calculation methodologies have been improved and will continue to be increased.


Founding of the company

The company Imprintec - Material Testing Solutions was founded. Various services in the field of materials testing are offered.



In testing technology, new territory is entered. A patent application of the new methodology as a material testing method was carried out.



Fundamental research on material scoring on the nanoscale and microscale has begun. Properties of different metallic single and multiple crystals were determined with the help of a new test methodology, which fundamentally based on the hardness test.