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Imprintec GmbH

Material Testing Solutions.

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Software based testing systems.

The company Imprintec – Material Testing Solutions develops innovative software-based strength and hardness testing machines and 3D measuring devices. The focus is on the development of our own software-based algorithms for a variety of applications in inspection and quality assurance. This opens up new perspectives for the application of our modern testing technology in a wide range of industries. Most of our customers come from the followinf fields: automotive, aerospace, subcontracting, consumer products, medical technology, H2 and building structures. Meeting our customers’ needs is our top priority.



Anlage bei Imprintec

Your qualified partner.

Imprintec provides testing services according to the indentation method and standard-compliant hardness tests. With the help of the tests, we carry out, among other things, damage analyses, component tests, evaluations, weld seam tests on large and small components and layers.

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The staff and employees at Imprintec are trained and competent and will be happy to assist you with any questions.

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Years of experience.

Since 2009 we have been successfully working with numerous partners in the field of mechanical material testing.

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We collaborate with numerous companies and partners in achieving new goals together.

Discover our journey.


Research and patenting.

Research work in nano- and microscale identification was successful and laid the foundation for the development of a new testing technique. A patent application was filed for the new method as a procedure for material testing. The method is protected under the German patent DE102011115519A1.


Establishment of the company.

The company Imprintec – Material Testing Solutions was founded. Initially, various matetial testing services were offered.


Product launch of i3D software.

Imprintec has developed i3D software, an innovative solution that allows users to experience virtual environments and objects in unprecedented detail.


Product launch of the i3D R / BVR testing machine.

The first testing machines are being used by customers. The i3D R / BVR series combines conventional hardness testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers) and the indentation method. They are thus extended universal testing machines.


Product launch of the i3D WLI testing machine.

World’s first: the first testing machine to utilise the imprinting process exclusively has been completed and is already in use by customers.


Product launch of i3D mBV + website relaunch.

In cooperation with the advertising agency pechschwarz, the website of Imprintec is relaunched.

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IMPRINTEC – Your partner in quality assurance.


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Tests according to DIN-specified imprinting method.

Mithilfe der Prüfungen nach DIN SPEC 4864 führen wir u.a. Schadensanalysen, Bauteilprüfungen und –bewertungen und Schweißnahtuntersuchungen an großen und kleinen Bauteilen bis hin zu Schichten durch.

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